Use ChatGPT to Convert File Formats

This is one of my favorite use cases for ChatGPT so far.  

I was just writing an article in a Google Docs, and I wanted to upload an image I downloaded from the internet into my doc.

When I tried to do it, I realized that the image was in the WebP format. Google Docs won’t let you upload an image in WebP format. 

At first I got frustrated, but then I thought, “hey, can chatgpt convert it for me?”

I went over to ChatGPT and I uploaded my WebP image.

I prompted  Can you convert this to a JPEG?

ChatGPT answered The image has been successfully converted to a JPEG format. You can download it using the link below:

And then it gave me the link.  

I went over to my Google Doc and I uploaded the new jpeg.  It worked!

Without ChatGPT, I wouldn’t know how to do this so easily.

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I have since experimented with changing other file formats and I have found ChatGPT to be incredibly fast and able to do all.

We often need to change one file format into another file format, and ChatGPT (the paid version) is the way to do it.  

If you want to convert any of the following file formats into the other, you can simply upload a file into ChatGPT, and then say, “Can you convert this JPEG to a PNG” for example.  

Here are 15 common file format changes you can ask ChatGPT to convert for you

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