Who is Andrew Best?

Andrew Best

Andrew Best is an entrepreneur, an educator, and an expert in AI. He has well over 2 decades of experience in online marketing.

Andrew’s first foray into online marketing was in the late 1990’s (pre-Google). He and a close friend bought a geocities website where they earned (between the two of them) a grand total of 5 bucks from pay per click ads. They got a physical check in the mail, and they literally laughed all the way to the bank. While his personal cut was only 2 bucks, Andrew was hooked on making money online ever since.

Andrew graduated with a degree in mathematics and psychology at McMaster University in Canada. After graduating, he moved to Shanghai, China to start his entrepreneurial career.

Andrew and his brother Addison, (they go by Andy and Add on the show) co-founded an English learning podcast and website called China232. They had over 10 million downloads of their show, collected over 200 000 email addresses, and made a good living selling subscriptions to their VIP private online community of English learners.

They did that for 13 years, taking 2-3 month vacations in Thailand every winter.

In 2013, Andrew co-founded 88Herbs, a premium natural health supplement company. 88Herbs does over $2 million in annual revenue.

In 2015, Andrew moved back to Canada to work on 88Herbs full time, and he still does this today.

In 2024, Andrew and Addison founded this website here, AI Growth Guys. They are using their combined experience to share insights into this new AI revolution that is upon us. Andrew will be blogging and making videos about how to leverage AI to earn money online.

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