How to use AI to improve your English

One of the best ways to improve your English is to use ChatGPT.  

(You could also use other large language models like Gemini or Claude for example)

Here is one prompt you can use: “I speak English as my second language.  I want you to be my tutor.  I need to improve my conversational English.  Can you ask me some questions in English?  If I make a mistake, please correct me.  Ask me one question at a time, and base your next question on each of my responses.  Also, encourage me to describe things and practice using my vocabulary.  Ok?”

That prompt will get ChatGPT to interview you in English.  It will be similar to having a conversation with a real person, but ChatGPT will correct you and give you tips.  This is a good starting point.

You might also have some specific areas of English you would like to improve.  

For example, you might want to speak English better at your job.

Imagine you are working as a nurse and you want to speak better English in this context.

You could use this to prompt ChatGPT:

“I speak English as my second language.  I want you to be my tutor.  I am working as a nurse.  I need to be able to speak English to some of my English speaking patients.  I want you to pretend to be one of my patients.  Ask me questions in English and if I make a mistake, then please correct me.  Use vocabulary specific to nursing so I can practice.  I want to suggest native sounding and natural English, not overly formal.  Ask me one question at a time.  Ok?”

If you want ChatGPT to quiz you to help you improve your grammar and spoken English you could prompt:

“I’m a non native English speaker.  Could you give me one sentence that has an error in it and ask me to find it?  I mean a spoken English type of error, not punctuation.  Then tell me how I did and keep repeating the process.  Ok?”

I tried all 3 of these prompts and they work quite well.

You can try them yourself, or you can tweak them for your own needs.

Get creative, try many different versions of these prompts, depending on what you want to work on.  

See how ChatGPT responds and adjust your prompts accordingly.

You can also write the prompt in your own native language, and ask it to translate it into English.  

If you are a non-native English speaker, it might be difficult to make the perfect prompt in English.  Don’t forget, ChatGPT is a great translator.

Author Andrew Best


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