Growing your email list – new tip 2024

Growing your email list with high quality leads is one of the most important things you can do as an internet marketer.

grow your email list

One new, and highly effective, way to do this is with “Boosts”.

What the heck are Email Boosts?

Basically, when someone else sends a mass email to their list, you pay to get promoted to their list.  

If you are using Beehiiv, our favorite email marketing platform, you can buy Boosts.  Either Web Boosts or Email Boosts.

This is how an Email Boost will look.

Imagine your own email newsletter appearing in that box and going out to thousands of potential new subscribers.

Why are Boosts way better than Google PPC ads?

You can also leverage the power of this strategy and combine it with email referrals, also available with Beehiiv, to accelerate the growth of your email list.  

How much do Boosts cost?

This is a marketplace, so you actually make a bid for how much you are willing to pay for each qualified email address.  The more money you bid for each email lead, the more likely other people will choose to promote your newsletter.  

On average, Boosts cost $1.63 per qualified email subscriber.

This is a lot better than getting leads through Google PPC.  Depending on the niche, many clicks to visit a website cost more than $1.63.  And often, the entire point of setting up a Google PPC ad campaign is to collect a qualified email subscriber anyway.

What kinds of Boosts are there?

There are Email Boosts and Web Boosts.  So far, we’ve only discussed Email Boosts.  Web Boosts are similar to Email Boosts, but Web Boosts are shown in a widget during the email signup phase.

Email Boosts are targeted towards your existing audience.

Web Boosts are targeted towards new customers.

How can I make money with Boosts?

This is a marketplace that works in both directions.  If you want to earn money from Boosts, you can advertise other people’s newsletters in your own newsletter.  

Several newsletters pay over $2.00 per new qualified email lead.  So it is quite possible to earn a significant amount of money from this one method if you already have a decent size email list to promote to.

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