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We’ve been working on this Beehiiv review for the past 3 months.  

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Fun fact:  We actually use Beehiiv everyday, and this entire review is based on our first hand experience with it.

We’ll discuss the pros and cons of using Beehiiv, and answer all of your questions.

We’ll even answer the questions you didn’t even think to ask, but should.

Let’s go:

What is Beehiiv?

According to their homepage, Beehiiv is an email “newsletter built for growth”.

That’s a fairly accurate short and sweet description, but it’s also more than that actually.

Beehiiv is an all-in-one email marketing platform.  

Here is something interesting:

You can write an email newsletter, which can also act as a blog post if you want. 

Blogging on Beehiiv

As I mentioned before, we actually use Beehiiv ourselves, so a personal example will help explain this.

Here is a link to my first blog post using Beehiiv:

Here is a screenshot of it:

You can see me, Andrew Best, as the author of the article.  

Also, the purpose of that post was a test, mainly so I could write this article.

I wanted to see if my article would easily show up on Google search.

Here is a screenshot of the first page of Google search results:

I thought that was pretty good.  

As you can see from the screenshot, the article was only 3 days old.  It wasn’t the best search term, but it had zero links to it, and it was my first ever blog post on the Beehiiv platform.

Note:  There was a small thing I couldn’t figure out, so I went on Reddit to ask.  Someone who works at Beehiiv read the question and figured it out for me very quickly.  I was impressed.

I want to be able to write (at least some of my newsletters) in a way that will live on as blog posts, drawing new subscribers from organic Google traffic to my email list.

Collecting emails

Beehiiv is also very efficient at converting readers to email subscribers.  

You can set it up so the first thing a new reader will see is a custom email signup landing page like this:

This is a link to that landing page

It has been converting very well for us.  

I now have more incentive to write a great email newsletter.  

Because I’m not only sending it to my email list, I’m also benefiting from the SEO organic traffic that I’ll get long after I’ve sent the email.

But wait, doesn’t Substack have this same feature where it is like a dual blog/email newsletter?

Well… Yes and No.  

There are some huge differences.

When I think of Beehiiv, I think about email newsletter first.

I think Substack is a blog first, where people who like the blog can sign up for the emails.  

I’m not just splitting hairs here.  

For example, one of my personal favorite and most effective strategies for collecting emails has been to write on Medium, and then link to my Beehiiv landing page from my Medium article.

I’ve written about why I use both Beehiiv and Medium

I’m getting over 12 000 article views per month on my Medium articles, and then using our high converting Beehiiv landing page to collect the emails there.

I also use my Beehiiv email signup page to capture emails in the description of my YouTube videos. 

You can use the Beehiiv email signup link anywhere.

Here is a screenshot of what it looks like from inside the Beehiiv dashboard:

You can see all the options there.

Everytime a new person puts their email in the box, the number of “active subscribers” increases by 1.

I can click on “audience” and see each email address.  I won’t show you them here for privacy reasons, but you get the idea.

From this dashboard you can:

2 common misconceptions about Beehiiv

I came across these misconceptions when I scroll through Reddit and other online blogs.

Myth #1:

Beehiiv is just for newsletters


We’ve already gone over this, but you can make a whole blogging website on Beehiiv.  New users can find your posts organically on Google, just like they would with any other blog.

Myth #2:

Beehiiv is just like Substack


No.  Beehiiv is a lot more than that.  You can link to Beehiiv’s landing page on any website.  Substack email collection happens on Substack only.  

This difference is so enormous I don’t think I can possibly overstate it.

Do you need a website to use Beehiiv?


There is a lot of flexibility here.  You absolutely don’t need a website, because Beehiiv will host your landing page.

Also, like I mentioned above, Beehiiv gives you your own blog you can use if you want to.

But if you do have a website, like we do here, Beehiiv is still a great choice.  You can integrate Beehiiv into your website:

WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, Wix

Who is Beehiiv ideal for?

(WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, etc)

Really anyone who wants to get into email marketing.


Note:  Beehiiv recently updated their pricing.  Many websites are still commenting on Beehiiv’s old pricing model!

Here is more detailed information on Beehiiv pricing

Beehiiv has a great free plan.  

It is free all the way up until you reach 2500 email subscribers.  That is quite generous!

It is significantly cheaper than all of the other email marketing software on the market – Mailchimp, ConvertKit, etc

Other pros of Beehiiv:

Cons of Beehiiv:

If those 2 things matter to you, then you can read our comparison of Beehiiv vs ConvertKit


Beehiiv is awesome!  We absolutely love our choice to use it.

If you are considering doing email marketing, or switching services, I think you’d be crazy (no offense) to not check out Beehiiv for yourself.
At least sign up for the free plan and experience it for yourself.

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