Beehiiv Changed their Pricing Model – What you Need to Know

This is a deep dive into Beehiiv’s new pricing model.

I’m going to break down exactly how their new pricing works, who are the winners and losers, and what is the logic behind the change.

If you have haven’t already, you can try Beehiiv for free here.

Is Beehiiv’s new pricing model cheaper than before?

For more customers, yes.  But this depends on how many subscribers you have.  

In their old pricing model, Beehiiv charged the exact same monthly price to customers who had an email list of 2501 emails, and customers who had 100 000 emails.

This was absolutely unheard of in the email marketing industry.  

Now Beehiiv has opted for more of an industry standard model (but a MUCH cheaper one).

Who wins and who loses?

Most customers will benefit from the change.  

People on the Launch (free) plan get more features.  

The old Grow plan and Scale plans will merge into one new plan called Scale.  This has more features than the previous Grow plan, and starts at $39 per month, which is much cheaper than the other $99 per month plan.

The Max plan has more features, such as priority support, and the ability to remove Beehiiv branding.

The biggest losers are the customers on the Scale plan who have close to 100 000 followers.  

They used to pay $99 per month, but these same customers will now pay $299 per month.

Here is a detailed comparison of Beehiiv vs ConvertKit

Beehiiv New Pricing Chart Comparison (USD/Month)

Beehiiv vs Active Campaign vs Mailchimp vs ConvertKit

Beehiiv                      = purple 

Active Campaign     = yellow

MailChimp                = blue

ConvertKit                = red

Pricing Table:  Beehiiv vs ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp vs ConvertKit

Subscriber LimitBeehiivActiveCampaignMailchimpConvertKit

Pricing Table:  Beehiiv Launch vs Scale vs Max plan

Subscriber TierLaunchScaleMax

Beehiiv New Pricing Chart (USD/Month)

Launch vs Scale vs Max

Launch = no color (free)

Scale    = orange

Max      = red

Why did Beehiiv change their pricing?

The logic is that they wanted to be more competitive across all categories. 

Beehiiv wants to make the free plan better to attract more signups and encourage more conversions later.

They also want to encourage more people to make the jump from the free plan, to the first tier of the paid plans.  By dropping the previous $99 per month for the Scale plan and making it now $39, it is much more affordable for anyone just getting off of the free plan.

Beehiiv is betting that the customers who have 100 000 email addresses are earning so much money from their platform, that they will have no problem coughing up the $299 per month, which is still much cheaper than any competitor.

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