Beehiiv API – How to Control Email Signup Flow

We’re going to show you how we use the Beehiiv API to keep readers on our WordPress website, instead of being redirected to a subdomain on Beehiiv.

We got tired of losing website visitors because they got redirected away from our website during the signup process. With the Beehiiv API, you can keep users on your site during the entire process.

Beehiiv is our favorite email marketing software, and it is the one we use.

Check out:  Why we chose Beehiiv over ConvertKit.

We have our own WordPress website (this one).  

When we collect emails on our website, we want users to stay on our website, and not be redirected to Beehiiv at all during the signup process. 

Note:  You can think about email marketing as divided into 2 separate categories.  Collecting emails and sending emails.  Beehiiv does both, but we wanted to have more customization during the email collection process.

If you don’t use the API, then you are limited in controlling the exact look and feel of the user journey while collecting emails.

Let me show you with visuals.

If you don’t use the Beehiiv API, then this is what the default signup process looks like:

Step 1:

Click the “Join Us” button.

Step 2:

Enter your email address.  (Notice that the URL has changed to Beehiiv)

Step 3:

After you’ve entered your email address, you are redirected to this page on Beehiiv.  Look carefully at the URL circled in yellow.

It goes to a page

This is not what we want. 

We want users on our website to sign up with their email address, and then stay on our website to read more content.

After using the Beehiiv API, this is how we were able to customize the user signup journey.

Step 1:  (Only Step)

Notice the circled part in yellow.  The user is still on our website, not a .beehiiv domain.

After I entered my email, it just said the part below in green (circled in red).  

“You have successfully subscribed to the newsletter!”

And I’m still on the website, able to continue doing what I’m doing.

This is the beauty of the API customization.

Now, we’re able to do whatever we want.  

We’re able to:

At this point, users don’t even know they’ve signed up to an email list that is powered by Beehiiv.  

We love this API customization, and we love using Beehiiv for their other features.

Go here to access the Beehiiv API

If you don’t know about coding or dealing with API’s, then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Sign up here and we’ll do it for you.  

Let us deal with the tech, and you can focus on growing your email list.

It is only $399 for a general setup, 3 landing pages/embeds, and integration with your website.

If you want something else that is custom, we can work out a fair arrangement. Go here to fill out the form for a Beehiiv API setup quote.

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