Tapfiliate vs Rewardful – Which Affiliate Software is Better?

Tapfiliate and Rewardful are both great affiliate marketing software platforms.

Tapfiliate and Rewardful are also surprisingly different.  Each of them have their own unique selling points.

Note:  This is unlike my recent comparison of Rewardful vs ToltIn that review, I found far fewer differences between the 2.  Although, it is still worth reading because there are some important differences.

I’ve been personally doing affiliate marketing for over 20 years.  I’ve been on both sides of the equation too – meaning I’ve used various affiliate marketing software platforms, and I’ve been an affiliate marketer myself.

I know which types of features are important for various situations.

I’ll do my best to give you an unbiased comparison of the pros and cons of both Tapfiliate and Rewardful.

For this review, I’m going to first talk about a pricing comparison, because price is always such a big one.  

Then I’ll comment separately on the pros and cons of each one.


Which is cheaper,  Rewardful or Tapfiliate?

This is an easy one.  Rewardful is cheaper than Tapfiliate.

Here is a screenshot of Tapfiliate’s pricing:

Tapfiliate has 3 pricing tiers:

Here is a screenshot of Rewardful’s pricing:

Rewardful also has 3 pricing tiers:

Rewardful – What I like about it

Honestly, there is a lot I love about Rewardful.

One thing that stands out to me is how fast and smooth it is.  I really trust this company and software a lot.

You don’t want buggy affiliate software.  Affiliate software needs to work well for your affiliates, or you will get a million headaches later.

As I’ve mentioned before, I love when I sign up to be an affiliate of a SaaS business who uses Rewardful.

Beehiiv and Exploding Topics both use Rewardful for example, and I can see why. I find a lot of great Saas businesses are going with Rewardful lately.  

The signup process is quick and easy.  It literally takes 2 minutes for me to get my custom affiliate link.

Here is a screenshot of how my Rewardful link looks.  This is how it looks for any company who uses Rewardful.

I like how my name is in the link.  It tells me that it is mine.  I prefer this style to a link that is a random string of text.

Also, you can see that Rewardful explains clearly how to link to any page.  

This is a big one.  

Here is a full list of Rewardful’s features.   

Note:  Even that link to the features page, is possible (easily) as an affiliate link.  If I was unsure how to do that easily, I’d be less likely to link out to that page, and would stick to linking to the homepage.


Rewardful is cheaper than Tapfiliate.  It has a cleaner website, it is better at setting up affiliate links.  It seems more modern and sleek. 

I find that more SaaS businesses seem to be choosing Rewardful over anything else, at least from my experience.  I can totally understand why.

Everything works, and it works very very well. 

(I do see that Tapfiliate is working on making theirs more modern as I can see they are working on a beta version of their affiliate portal for example)

This doesn’t mean that Rewardful is better than Tapfiliate across the board.  

There are some important areas where Tapfiliate is better than Rewardful.

What I like about Tapfiliate

There is a lot to like about Tapfiliate, especially in terms of recruiting new affiliates to sell your product.  They have a ton of customization options too.

Tapfiliate has automated referral partner recruitment.  This feature automatically invites all of your new customers to promote your brand.

Finding new affiliates to sell your products isn’t easy, so it is very nice to have anything that helps to recruit new affiliates for you.

Also, Tapfiliate has a large partner network.  You can connect your affiliate program to the Admitad partner network, and have access to over 100k potential affiliates.

They also help you drive more sales from different affiliate types, like review sites, influencers, bloggers, and everything else.

They also let you set up special commission rates for specific SKU’s.  For example, you can get rid of overstock or quickly expiring items easily.

Tapfiliate allows affiliates to find sub affiliates.  This gives affiliates more incentive to promote your product or service because they get extra commission.  You can benefit (in a non scammy way) of the multi level marketing concept.

I like how Tapfiliate’s affiliate dashboard gives you quick access to all of their marketing assets, like logos, etc.

They also have this one, so I’ll use it here since I can find it so easily.

(Make that photo clickable)

Overall, Tapfiliate has a lot of options to be creative with your affiliate program.  They can handle SaaS, ecommerce, influencer campaigns, and a lot more.


I learned a lot from doing this review.  

I would say this…

Choose Rewardful  if:

I’d recommend Tapfiliate if:

My overall conclusion is that Tapfiliate has a larger scope.  It has more capabilities than Rewardful.

But what Rewardful does well, such as run an affiliate program for SaaS businesses, it does extremely well. 

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