How Can I Build Custom AI Chatbots for my Clients

The demand for custom AI chatbots is incredibly high, and will be for years to come.  This is thanks to the power of ChatGPT and other LLM’s.

custom AI chatbots

Now is a great time to either start a new online consulting business to sell AI services like custom chatbots, or add this service to your current agency.

How can I make custom AI chatbots for my clients?

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.  You can use and white label their software.  The software does all the work.  Basically, you can use the software for a monthly fee, and sell your AI services to an unlimited number of clients.  

What does the software do?

You will incorporate the software into your client’s website.  The software will read and understand the entire website.  Then when someone visits their website, a super knowledgeable chatbot window will pop up and interact with the user.  You can program the chatbot to have any personality you want, and you can program it to answer the questions in any way you choose.

What is an example of how it works?

Imagine your client is a local dentist.  They have a basic website.  When someone searching for a new dentist finds their website, they click around a couple of links and then leave.  This is what happens most of the time.

Now imagine that you offer this dentist the ability to make them a custom AI chatbot.  The AI chatbot window pops up as soon as someone is on the website.  

They chatbot can say something like “Hi, are you looking for a new dentist?  We offer a free cleaning service to every new patient”.  Or whatever you want them to say.

This chatbot is trained on all of the FAQ’s that customers normally ask.  About pricing, scheduling, services, whatever.  The AI chatbot can book actual appointments with a Google calendar.  They can collect patient information like name, age, email, and phone.  They can figure out what type of service the person needs, and/or book a call.

Even if the person just leaves their email or phone number and then leaves the website, the dentist can choose to get their secretary to follow up with this lead. 

This is a pretty easy service to sell because of how obvious it would be that the dentist could find more clients.  They could cut down on their other advertising costs, they could cut down on their administrative staff, and they could get more patients.  

Why couldn’t my client just use this software and cut out the middle man?

First of all, setting up this software properly takes some skill.  It is easy to get good at once you learn it, but dentists and other small business owners won’t have the time to do it at all.  Most of them couldn’t even add a link to their own website.  This isn’t to insult them at all, it just isn’t what their job is.  This is the same way that you wouldn’t be able to do a dentist’s job with no training either.

Also, you can white label this software. That means you can make it with your own branding on it.

What is white labeling and why is it important?

White labeling means that you put your own brand on the software, and you make it look like this entire service is unique to you.  So many brands white label products and most customers have no idea.  We think every brand is making their own products, but it is simply not the case.  

When you white label, you are getting the benefit of incredible AI software as well as the support and customer service from them.  You can focus on implementing your service to your clients.  

What else does do other than custom chatbots?

They are adding new features all the time, but here are some of the features they already have:

In order to get the list of features, I actually went on their website and just asked the chatbot!  That’s how easy it is.  This is how it looks.  Of course, when you sell this service, it will have your own brand on the chatbot itself.  It won’t say anything about Stammer.

How much does it cost?

How can I find new clients to promote this service to?

There are many ways to do this, such as to look up local businesses of a certain type (dentists, chiropractors, massage therapists, restaurants, …).  You can make a list and email or call them directly. 

Another way to do that if you don’t like cold calling, is to use software like Apollo.  This software uses AI to find email addresses in a certain category (like local dentists for example).  Then you can make a targeted email and send your message to the entire list of dentists at once.  Some people will email you back, and you can then set up an appointment with those leads.  

You can then use Apollo to quickly find other qualified candidates in a certain business niche (like chiropractors) and then email them. 

What other types of businesses would be a good fit to promote to?

There are so many business categories that would be a great fit, but here are 20 examples to get you started.

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