Best AI Tools to Grow your YouTube Channel

This guide will show you the best AI tools to grow your YouTube channel in 2024.  

best ai tools for youtube

There is an explosion of new AI tools coming out every day. 

There is no point in listing all of them and asking you to waste your time sorting through.

Instead I’m going to walk you through the video making process and explain the best AI tools for each stage.

I’ll give you my curated list of tools that will actually help you earn more money and get more subscribers on YouTube.

Researching a topic:

If you want to accelerate the growth of your YouTube channel, the first thing you need to do is find a topic to make a video about.

One cool AI keyword research tool to start with is Exploding Topics It is kind of like Google trends, but it helps you find topics that are exploding in popularity.  

You can play around with it for free.  It also has a premium version which lets you see more specific searches.  

Sometimes just choosing the right topic at the right time is enough to grow your channel quickly because the interest and search volume are high, and the competition is low.

Here is what the searches on Exploding Topics look like:

VidIQ is another great tool that can help your keyword research.  VidIQ has an entire suite of AI tools that will help grow your channel.  

Here is a screenshot of just the YouTube keyword search tool from VidIQ

You suggest a keyword, and VidIQ gives you the search volume, competitiveness, overall score, and related keywords.

The combination of Google Trends, Exploding Topics, and VidIQ is great to help choose the right topics and keywords for your next video.

AI Thumbnail and Title Tools:

Ok, now you’ve done your research and you have your video topic idea.  Great!

But before you even make the video, a lot of YouTube experts will recommend you make the thumbnail and the title before making the video. 

With AI generating so much content these days (mostly garbage), having great thumbnails and video titles are more important than ever.  

You need people to click on your video.

If people don’t click on your thumbnail, your video will soon be buried under a mountain of digital trash, never to be seen again.

So which AI tools can help with your video thumbnail and title?

TubeBuddy  is a Google chrome extension that has a bunch of AI tools built into it.  It has a free version and 2 paid tiers.  

On their homepage they call it “The ultimate growth tool for YouTube channels

They have an AI thumbnail analyzer and an AI title generator  

You can upload your thumbnail (or thumbnails) into TubeBuddy, and the thumbnail analyzer will give you feedback for how to improve it.

The AI title generator will also generate several video title names.  Even if you don’t use the exact title suggestion every time, it is valuable to help during the brainstorming phase.  

I’ve seen some AI thumbnail creators, but so far they seem too gimmicky for me to recommend any.  If that changes, I’ll come back and edit this.

I use Canva to make all of my thumbnails.  

One good idea is to make a few versions of a thumbnail in Canva, and then upload them to Tubebuddy to get the AI analysis.

Another interesting AI Chrome browser extension is:

It trains ChatGPT on your own YouTube channel, and also the channels of your competitors.

Here is a screenshot of some of the features.  The example here is training ChatGPT on Mr. Beast, the most popular YouTube channel.

It has a generous free plan with two different paid upgrades.

It is also helpful with idea generation, thumbnails, and video titles.

It is definitely worth trying out the free version and then deciding if you like the features enough to upgrade.

AI Video Editing Software

Ok.  Now you have your topic, your thumbnail, and your video title.

What else can AI help you with?

High quality video editing is important when making YouTube videos.  Good editing can make people watch your videos longer on average.  

Even if a well edited video only increases the average watch time by a few percent, it can make the difference between a successful video and an unsuccessful one.

There is so much competition on YouTube.  

If your video isn’t near the absolute best for the topic you are doing, then it can get quickly buried in the search results and not recommended.  

The problem is that video editing is difficult and time consuming.  

So how can AI help?

Capcut is a very popular free video editor that has a ton of great features.  

The AI can easily transcribe your entire video (accurately) and put on subtitles (captions) if you want.  

There are some other AI video editing tools that are out there, but we’re still playing around with those and figuring out which we believe are the best.  We’ll come back and update this article when we find something else worth recommending.

YouTube AI interview software

One of our favorite recommendations is Riverside FM  

Riverside uses AI to help you record and edit video interviews in super high quality.

Even if people are using below average computer microphones and a basic web camera to record an interview for YouTube, Riverside’s AI is able to make both the image quality and the audio quality way better.  

The quality increases by a factor of 2.3x from Riverside’s AI capabilities.

Have you ever seen old war video footage from World War 1?  And then Netflix is somehow able to make a documentary out of it where it is much clearer and in color?  

This incredible quality boost from AI algorithms reminds me of Riverside.  

The prices for a monthly plan are very affordable as well.  They have a free plan and a $15 per month plan. Even their pro plan is only $24 per month.  

Ok, what about using AI to actually create the videos for me?

AI Video Generation Tools

This is a controversial topic, and it should be.  

Doing this well is also quite expensive.

In addition, Google has been very hard on “spamming” the internet with AI generated articles.  

Don’t be surprised if YouTube follows suit.  

I think it is safe to say there is a zero percent chance that YouTube will continue to allow channels to upload (and rank for) hundreds of generic AI generated videos every day.  

YouTubers shouldn’t rely on AI to produce their entire videos.  Ever.  Period. 

But they should pay attention to how to use AI as a tool to help them.

With that said, did you know that you can use AI to clone your own voice?

Eleven Labs is the king of AI voice cloning.  Nothing else is even close.  

They have instant voice cloning and professional voice cloning. 

If you get your own voice professionally cloned, it will be virtually indistinguishable from your own real voice.

You can take your professionally cloned voice, and then use it to voice over any “faceless” YouTube video you make.  It will sound exactly like you.

It’s amazing if you’ve never heard it in action before.

You simply write a text script into a box, and your AI voice will read it exactly like you would, with perfect intonation and expressions.  

Also, it will always be in the same high quality sound as your original recording.  Your AI voice won’t stutter, um and ah, or make mistakes.  

It won’t get tired.  You won’t need to edit it.  Think about all of the time and effort you will save.

Also, your AI voice will automatically be fluent in 29 languages.  It will sound exactly like you, but in any of those other languages.  It is quite remarkable if you’ve never heard it.

So you will be able to make audio recordings in any major language. 


Your AI video avatar

The best AI video avatar is from HeyGen This is similar in quality to Eleven Labs, but for video instead of audio. 

Actually, the audio part of a HeyGen video is powered by Eleven Labs.

If you upload a video sample of yourself speaking in front of a camera to HeyGen, it will be able to make an AI video clone of yourself.

It is able to capture your facial expressions, your hand gestures, and other idiosyncratic movements you may have.

You can try both Elevel Labs and HeyGen for free, and then upgrade later if you want to use them more extensively.

They aren’t cheap if you plan to make a ton of videos with these tools, but they are surprisingly good and effective. 

Go back and read through this list again.  Experiment with each tool on here (most of them you can try for free).  See which ones you think will help you the most for growing your YouTube channel.

Remember, YouTube is super competitive.  Using the best AI tools will help give you an edge and stay ahead of your competition.

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